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Crispy BielBI

Our restaurant

A great atmosphere in a successful concept. Be a part of Crispy BielBi in your own restaurant

a familial team

Behind the counter, in the kitchen or at his office, we are a complete team taking turns and helping each other. Learn more about us

Event Services


The user-friendly interface and the logical structure of work

Take Away Infrastructur

Having the right equipment is essential for your franchise

Corporate Branding

The result is a solid, uninterrupted track record and a company with continuous expansion in international markets

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You want to take a step towards growth as an entrepreneur and are looking for the ideal partner? We don’t just look at numbers, we look at people. Because...


On a trip to the USA in 2017 the idea was born. From an idea became a vision, grew a dream, which then became a reality in 2019. We...

Crispy BielBi

Freshly cooked chicken, homemade burgers and an enjoyable ambiance thanks to a friendly team of professionals, the keys to our success...

Event Logistics

Event& Services has a large network of suppliers, service providers, installers and manufacturers. As a franchisee, you become a member of Event& Services’ independent Quality Supply Chain, which works with leading suppliers to provide you with products and services that deliver quality, consistency and value. You will benefit from our purchasing and logistics synergies

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