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About Event & Services Ltd.

We are a young Swiss StartUp company founded in 2019 and based in Biel. As an owner-managed agency, we seek and value personal contact and partnership – with our clients as well as with suppliers and within the team.

We are visionaries, lateral thinkers, conceptionists, and strategists with a distinct StartUp Spirit. We believe in strong, tangible visions and that they can be used to successfully implement goals.

Our values

– We put the customer first;
– We act sincerely and honor our commitments;
– We have great respect for our fellow human beings;
– We have high quality standards and are constantly looking for improvements;
– We work closely with our suppliers;
– We strive to positively surprise the customer with innovative ideas;
– We are constantly working to reduce unnecessary costs: Pollution, waste, noise pollution, energy consumption and accident risks.

M. Salah Rafaa

Member of the board of directors

Ms. Michaela Koch

Business Development

Our Vision


Trust and common goals are the basis for a successful long-term cooperation. In us you will find an authentic, transparent and reliable partner.

It goes without saying that sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, but a philosophy we live by every day. Providing our customers with fresh and high-quality products that have been produced under good, social, ecological and species-appropriate conditions is our motivation. That is why we rely on strong and trustworthy partners in our cooperation, who work with the same claim.

Ms. Vandana Vaucher

Human Resources & Finance

Ms. Mélissa Babey

Store Coordinator

Probably the most remarkable characteristic of Event & Services is the ever present effort to continuously optimize our franchise system, facility and brand image. The result is a solid, uninterrupted track record and a company with continuous expansions in international markets. A unique blend of vision and qualitative, offers.


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