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Our “Crispy Bielbi” franchise is based on the principle of the “MADE FOR YOU”, a trend from the United States. If the plateau service and the simple menus remind us of fastfoods, you should not misunderstand. The difference between the two types of catering is first and foremost the quality of the products and their ways of preparation. Vegetables are freshly cut on site during the day, meat is prepared as you go and cooked in the restaurant’s kitchen. We focus on quality and freshness.

success guaranted

If you are looking for a lucrative business to invest your money securely, you belong to the right place. An investment with us guarantees you the success that benefits us all from now on.

Our brand and products are becoming emblems and big names in terms of catering. Your affiliate will benefit from our name and reputation even before the beginning.

return on investment

Our goal is for everyone to benefit from the collaboration, which is why we will never stand in your way. You benefit from low charges and very low fees right from the start so you can focus more on growth and personal commitment.

A safe placement

Nowadays, there are many investment offers and each is more attractive than the other. What makes them tempting is mainly the promise of high earnings, but for many, it also means a high risk of losses. By becoming a franchisee, not only will the profit be high, but growth will also be secure, and you can be proud to have accomplished these feats largely on your own.

For a bright future

Becoming a franchisee is also a long-term solution. What we are all doing together, lasting as long as possible, will flourish and give new potential.
Over time, our company will grow and we hope that you will be there and be part of it and that you will also benefit from the development.