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From the dream to reality

The idea came from a trip to the United States in 2017. An idea became a vision, turned into a dream, which then became a reality in 2019.

The future belongs to the brave, just as success belongs to the brave!

Be a visionary and become a part of the Event & Services family.


We developed an innovative restaurant concept using the system gastronomy method, which was transformed into a franchise company under the name of “Crispy Bielbi.

The concept is inspiring, the quality is there and we continue to be driven by our passion. This passion for superior quality clearly sets us apart from other franchise chains. We believe in a simple concept: quality, authentic and freshly prepared food at a fair price.

reaching your goals

Everyone has dreams in their head, being able to make them come true is another story.

You have to have the decency to want to make achievable dreams come true and then have the courage to get started. We bet and were able to benefit from the convincing results. Become a franchisee and make your dreams come true by joining us.

Double advantage

Our company is only a few years old, so it has a double advantage. First of all, it is young, so it is very familiar with trends and ways of attracting customers. Secondly, time has allowed us to gain the experience needed to develop and build some solid foundations.

an evoluting entreprise

“Crispy Bielbi” has been, is and will be.

You will be able to witness its evolution and be part of it: to become both an actor and a spectator of a successful operation.

Since its inception, many changes have taken place to improve on what already existed. It is not a project in stone, on the contrary, we rejoice because change means improvement and growth.