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Following the procedures of system gastronomy, we developed an innovative restaurant concept that was integrated into a franchise under the name “Crispy BielBi.

We believe in a simple concept: quality, authentic and freshly prepared food at a fair price. Since food is freshly prepared only after ordering, customers can always look forward to fresh burgers.

And we continue to develop strongly. Be part of the Crispy BielBi success story.


Since its opening, Crispy has been a successful business. Orders are coming in and the restaurant is constantly changing. We often come back with new offers, for children and students for example, and new creations. This makes it a restaurant with a varied choice that knows how to play with the times and adapt to the new colours of the seasons.

In addition, we are keeping an eye on consumers’ feedbacks to try to improve.

values "MADE FOR YOU"

Our “Crispy BielBi” franchise is based on the principles of “MADE FOR YOU”, a trend from the United States. If the plateau service and the simple menus remind us of the fastfoods, you should not misunderstand. The difference between the two types of catering is first and foremost the quality of the products and their means of preparation. Vegetables are freshly cut on site during the day , meat is prepared as you go and cooked in the restaurant’s kitchens. We focus on quality and freshness.

Starter pack

Inside the Starter Pack are services offered by us. For example, we find and train the first employees of your restaurant as well as the manager and their uniforms. Marketing is entirely covered by us, from the advertising on our website to posting on social media. Finally, goods that include packaging and food that can cover the needs for the entire first week.

Event & Services support you

  • Search for location
  • Supervision of construction
  • Full training
  • Marketing
  • Daily operating activities

  • Computer system