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attractive design

In addition to a committed and qualified operator, a good location is of course also a prerequisite for a successful operation. We support independent traders with our experienced team in site research and evaluation. The latter checks the centres of attraction and the best solutions to place a restaurant that works and attracts customers from the moment it opens.

Infrastructure and support

Infrastructure is one of the biggest expenses when you open your new franchise. As an Event & Services partner, you won’t have to worry about these factors. By leveraging our expertise, we will ensure that your site is able to operate at full capacity from day one.

AMeNAGEMENT : to be a part of EVENT & SERVICES

Event & Services provides all franchise partners with a fully equipped premises. Having the right equipment is essential to your franchise, we believe it is the only way to create a high quality product. The type of equipment is very wide and includes kitchens, washing and telecommunication equipment, computers and printers.

In addition, various partners assist us in setting up a new premises and make us offers on the necessary equipment.

working machines

To run a restaurant, of course, you need employees, food, but also the right machinery. We also provide you with everything you need in terms of deep fryer, plancha or heat storage.

a warm welcome

In any service, hospitality and impression are the foundations on which customers rely. Whether they will come back or recommend our restaurant depends mainly on how they felt during their visit.

To make this experience memorable and enjoyable, employees must of course adopt the most professional attitude, but not only: music, furniture and overall design must reflect our image and values. We provide you with everything you need in furniture and decorations because it contributes to the well-being of customers and employees.

Our partner, IKEA, also provides and assists us with interior design.