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cash or card

A cash register system that is flexible, intuitive to use, quick to administer and flexible: a cash register system that supports you on a day-to-day basis. Inventory, inventory, or purchase of supplies or commodities: Keep control of your entire merchandise cycle. And in real time!

Point-of-sale software offers unimaginable possibilities and leaves nothing to be desired. The user-friendly interface and logical structure of the work steps ensure a quick and easy start.

easy and intuitive

The use of the cash register is really easy to use. The system is very intuitive and allows an employee who has never worked in sales to feel comfortable from the first use.

fast and efficient

The speed of learning and use makes it a considerable asset in the very lively field of gastronomy.

The interface gives you quick access to orders and customer choices. They can decide, retract and double their order with one click on your part.

access to summary graphics

The cash register system also allows users to check the orders placed and the frequency of visits. In such ways, you will be able to imagine an average, place employees and order supplies according to reality.

an effective interactive system

Kitchen display systems show the orders to make to the kitchen staff and simplify the ordering process, thus shortening ticket issuance times.

This technology also has the advantage that orders are placed and prepared once. If employees are trained in its use, there cannot be the problem of duplicated or forgotten orders.