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Product Range


Only the best for our customers. Quality ingredients and incredibly fresh products can really help your business grow. At Event&Services, we specialize in fresh produce and provide you with more than just quality ingredients. We work with select suppliers to make every investment a success


Use new technologies to find intelligent solutions! Standardization without losing individuality! Proven and uncomplicated processes facilitate the step to becoming a restaurant chef. The system is easy to learn and at the same time creates probably the most personal ordering process in the world.

Non Food

An entire team is at the disposal of franchisees to make their business a complete success. In all aspects of daily operations, partners can rely on Event & Services corporation (AG) . We offer you exactly what makes you more successful.

Competitive Prices

Thanks to our close network and wide range of products, we can offer you fresh, high-quality products every day, whenever and wherever you need them. Without sacrificing quality or aesthetics, Event & Services always tries to find the lowest prices.

The biggest challenge for self-employed is the profitable operation and therefore the most important aspect for a long-term successful partnership. Adequate margins paired with lean cost structures are our objective, complemented by the qualified consulting and service of the Event&Services team for the continuous improvement of results. The necessary flexibility and the available know-how form a solid basis, which makes a cost- and time-efficient work possible in the first place. A diverse range of services rounds off our portfolio.

Time Effective

Our wide experience base enables us to offer time efficient solutions. Not only in the field of logistics, but with supporting tools such as our Kitchen Display Systems. A simplification of the ordering process and a reduction of ticket times.

An optimized system for a perfect interaction between us the service and the kitchen. Many important factors that have an effective influence on your time management.

We improve employee performance and satisfaction with effective training and coaching.